No Body is a turn-based action RPG hybrid set in an otherworldly realm known as The Well, a place of infinite scale and mystery, where your journey to escape transpires.

When The Apostles - a devout religious group – appeared one day, they brought with them Ambrosia, a strange and addictive syrup. The Ambrosia allowed the Apostles to gain power, and their oppressive force caused untold misery on the general populace. Once summoned to the Well, victims are guided to their freedom with the help of Kin, The Chaperone.


However, few make it out alive, as the Well is inhabited by the Anomalies,

bizarre and dangerous creatures which lurk at every turn.

You play as Clownface and friends, a group of young adults with the ability to summon powerful spirits known as Ids, and use their powers to defend themselves against the Anomalies.

You'll set off on a lore-laden journey of mystery and danger, inspired by Undertale and Silent Hill, to secure your freedom and eliminate an unholy threat, and discover the bizarre truth to your identity...



  • Story - heavy narrative

  • Action and turn-based hybrid gameplay!

  • Voice acting!

  • Original soundtrack!

  • Hand drawn pixel and character art!

  • Vast amount of choices, both minor and major!

  • Three endings!

  • Humour and horror in one neat little package!

  • Tons of secrets and lore to discover!

  • Pet animals and Anomalies!

  • Memes and pop culture references abound!


The Well is a vast, ever-expanding world full of danger and the unknown.


You'll solve puzzles, face outlandish foes, meet a variety of weird and wonderful characters, and discover many hidden secrets… if you're thorough. Players who explore off the beaten path will be handsomely rewarded!


Use the tools you've collected on your journey to progress, such as a rusty shovel to destroy walls,

or a hook shot to traverse large gaps.

During your adventures, you will meet a wide variety of characters, each with their own troubles and goals. Choose to help them or ignore them. Your choices will affect your gameplay, in minor and major ways, and will determine what will become of you and your friends.

During battle, you have a number of options at your disposal, allowing you to tackle enemies in ways you see fit. You could overload their stagger bar, cause a No Body, and shatter their defences, leaving them weak to an onslaught of attacks...

NO BODY!.png

Or perhaps you’ll build up your Mosh Meter, and decimate your foe in one, huge hit.

The tried-and-true method of exploiting an enemy’s weakness will aid you, but not carry you.

In addition to your offensive options, you’re also able to use your Senses to solve in-battle puzzles.


The aforementioned Senses system is a new twist to the turn-based formula.

Each character has access to their 5 senses: Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste, and Touch.

Some enemies may require more than just pure power to be defeated. Use your senses abilities on Anomalies to uncover weaknesses and strategies, or gain permanent buffs, gear, and lore.

Turn on a microwave to blow up the enemy, or try licking them. You never know what being a bit weird will yeild!

Outside of the traditional battle format, you will face Minor Anomalies which can be defeated with a few swings of your sword - but just because they are weak alone does not mean they’re useless… so beware of larger numbers!




Codename: Clownface is the 17 year old protagonist of No Body. He is an anxious, bisexual teenager who second-guesses everything he is about to say.


He covers up his nerves with puns, finger-guns, and a pseudo-relaxed attitude. An introvert, he prefers to stay in his room watching anime and playing video games. 

His attribute is HEART, and is the most

balanced member of the party. 

Clownface is voiced by Corey Wilder.


Codename: Marked is 18, and a self described "basic bitch", due to being a skater boy who plays guitar.


Marked is forced to keep his relationship with his boyfriend quiet due to his religious parents.

As such, he has developed an obsessive disorder in which he believes his parents are constantly watching him. 


Despite this, Marked is an outgoing young man who enjoys hanging with friends and getting high at the skatepark. 

His attribute is BODY, and he is the 'tank' of the party.

Marked is voiced by Ryan Do


Codename: Angel is 16, and a cheerful sprite of a girl.

Due to her thinking she is a princess from a fairy tale, Angel is always singing, reminiscing about life as a royal, and is rarely seen without a smile. 

But beneath her happy-go-lucky personality, a revenge-hungry passion lurks, determined to destroy those who stole her

childhood from her. However, she has not allowed this vengeance to discolour the sweet, thoughtful girl that she is.

Her attribute is SOUL, and she is the lead

damage-dealer of the party.

Angel is voiced by Shakyra Dunn

Codename: Witch is 19,  straight talking, no-nonsense, intelligent and a little unhinged - admitting to frequently having full conversations with herself, "each more entertaining than the last". 

As the more mysterious member of the party, Witch appears to have one goal: escape, no matter what, with little care for the consequences of her actions.


Little is known about her motivations or history - but it is obvious she knows more than she is letting on.

Her attribute is MIND, and she is the lead spell-caster of the party.

Witch is voiced by Nicolle Zambrano.


T0b-13 is a cocky, know-it-all little robot created for an unknown purpose. Chatty, and overflowing with infinite amounts of information, T0B-13 (Tobie) believes they know more than everyone else. Which is technically true.


However, they have all this information and no filter, often leading to disastrous and hilarious results.


Unversed in human social etiquette, this little robot has an unfortunate habit of being quite tactless.

Despite all this, Tobie is plagued by their sense of a lack of purpose, and is determined to find one - or make one. 

Their attribute is TECH, and they are mainly responsible for healing, buffs, and debuffs.

T0B-13 is voiced by Krystal Quezada