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Devlog #2 - Set backs and Steps Forward

So what have I been up to?

Networking, and of course game dev. I need to rework the menus for No Body 'cos I hate how they look now, and they don't match the battle screen aesthetic... which will then in turn mean I need to change them for the whole game. Great.

These parts of gamedev are honestly the worst, in my opinion. The best bit is writing cool stories and drawing cool maps and making cool fights. Which reminds me:

Gamedev update: I've made 80% of the "alpha" maps in the demo so far. At the minute, I've put a *very tentative* date of Feb 2022 for the Demo. It could be sooner, it could be later.

A number of VAs have also auditioned for the various roles in the game (oh yeah, we have VA's now!) which is super cool. If you're part of the discord and pledge at least £3 a month, you get access to all behind the scenes stuff like deciding on VA's and more...! Just saying).

So yes, sorting out VAs, entertaining the discord crew, and making maps.

Additionally, we have had a change of musicians. Studio Thumpy Puppy and I have parted ways due to creative differences - it was all very sudden, but I think it's the best choice honestly. Luckily, I already had a couple guys lined up ready to take their place (as there had been some teething problems, honestly) and so I'm now working with a guy called Charles Wolf, who has 20+ years of experience, and a great portfolio. I can't wait to share with you what he comes up with.

Finally, before signing off, I have a question. It's no secret that I plan to launch a kickstarter in the future so that No Body can be the greatest it can be! Even if the Kickstarter doesn't reach its goal, I will still make No Body because it's a story I think everyone should have the chance to experience. I set up this patreon to help fund the creation of the demo - to pay for art, music, and more. I was planning on taking it down when the KS launches - but what do you guys think? Should I leave the patreon up, or take it down when that time comes? I'd love to get your input on this.

Till next time,

Magnum signing out!

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