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Devlog #3 - On and on and on... but who cares?

It's been a while, hasn't it!? July 22nd was the last devlog update. If I can get at least one a month out, then I'm happy.

So progress has been... interesting. I've been giving myself more breaks which is a positive. Previously, I was working 15+ hours a day, every day. It was super unhealthy and I was driving myself insane.

So I've been working on a number of things -

  • Finished the desert map for the demo, which is also the biggest map in the demo.

  • Recruited all the voice actors for the demo and at least the main cast for the main game

  • Created the teaser trailer

  • Created [REDACTED]

  • Created gamejolt and Ko‑fi accounts!

So everything is progressing smoothly at the minute. Once the teaser trailer launches, I hope more eyes will be on the project, but we can only wait and see. I've been second guessing everything I do, and my anxiety convinces me no one gives a shite about this project. But that's simply not true! And I must keep reminding myself of that!

That's about it for this month, see you next time!


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