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Devlog #1 - Long Overdue

Hello World!

Felt appropriate to say Hello World given that this is my first official devlog!

Anyway - there's a couple of things I want to establish in this devlog:

  • When did development begin?

  • Where is development at NOW?

  • Dev notes

Okay - when did development begin? Technically, development on No Body began in February 2021. So right now we're 4 months into development - very very early! As I do almost everything myself, the process is very slow. I spent some time looking at art, reading manga and Japanese literature, and deciding on game mechanics, etc. I already had an idea of plot. The next couple months were somewhat hectic and messy.

I began writing the script (the plot) including all dialogue. This process took almost 3 months, and I simultaneously contacted Sam for art, and Lindar for music after finding them via twitter. Music asset lists were put together, as well as descriptions and references for Sam. During this time I also built the website, set up Patreon, and researched crowdfunding. Everything right now seems to be ready to go, I'm just waiting for more assets, and for the time to be *right*.

Where is development at now?

Development is well underway, it's going quite smoothly right now! I am working through implementing the plot/script, creating art for items, descriptions, skills... it's a process. Sam is working on character art and the musicians are making music. Also, I have brought on a voice actor (jimothy ross) to do a couple choice lines. I look forward to sharing more about that in the future.

Right now the priority list (in terms of my role in the dev process) is:

  1. Draw maps

  2. Design and draw NPCs

  3. Design and draw enemies for those maps

  4. Make enemy skills

  5. Make player skills

  6. Sort EXP

  7. Balance battles

  8. Make items + descriptions, etc.

  9. Fix menus

  10. ???

It's a tricky balance - I want to be able to show lots of gameplay and story beats but I need to draw the maps first. Depending on the map, it can take 2 - 3 days to draw it. Also depends on how much other stuff I'm doing simultaneously. Things always pop up when you least expect them to. It's just the nature of the biz. I assume. This is my first time, so it's all a learning curve too. Thrown into the mix is also networking, promotion, and community building.

Dev Notes

  • Designed characters

  • Wrote plot

  • Designed battle system

  • Designed menus

  • Created intro of the game

  • Made assets

  • Drew 3 maps

  • Hired artist, musician, voice actor

  • Wrote music asset list

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