Ghost Coast Games is a small, UK-based indie game development studio with a passion for telling character-driven stories through immersive and compelling gameplay, audio, and environment.


It is currently home to just one developer - me!

I work with contractors worldwide in order to achieve high quality results

Director, Developer,

Pixel Art, Marketing, etc.

Magnum Phoenix

Character Art, Music

Samuel Smith

Lead Composer

Charles Wolfe

Voice Actors

Kevin Wilkis (Announcer)

Corey Wilder (Clownface)

Ryan Do (Marked)

Nicolle Zambrano(Witch)

Shakyra Dunn (Angel)

Krystal Quezada (T0B-13)

Seb Agner

Alexander Valdes


Demo VA

Sarah Yates (Axia)

Krystal Quezada (Young Clownface)

Seb Agner (Sardine)

Nathan Wagner (Franco)

Shakyra Dunn (Mama Axia)

Marc Marshall (Papa Axia)

Magnum Phoenix

Video Graphics

Kevin Wilkis

Magnum Phoenix